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How We Met

It was March 2011, and Brett had just finished his final quarter at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo studying Biology. He was spending a few weeks continuing his part-time job for the Cal Poly Athletics Event Staff, before he and his best friend Clay traveled Europe for a month. I was in the middle of my 2nd year at Cal Poly, loving my time in San Luis Obispo as a Child Development major and working part-time for the Cal Poly Athletics Ticket Office. March 29th, 2011, during the first week of Spring Quarter, I went to “crash” an English 240 class–I just needed to fill that Area C requirement, but everything was full. I was unsuccessful in my attempt to get into the class–but it was 6:30 and I had already walked to the farthest end of campus for this class. I knew there was a baseball game going on, so I decided to stop by to say hi to my roommates/co-workers, and to see if my boss could get me into Krukow’s Clubhouse–the only place you can drink beer on campus! As I arrived at the game, my roommate Riley told me that Cody (our boss) was working right by Krukow’s so he would probably let me him. And guess who is handing out the wrist bands for Krukow’s? Brett! One thing led to another and we couldn’t stop talking the whole game. I went home that night feeling giddy about the cute guy I just met at work. In class the next day, I told my friend Kiersten that last night I met the guy I was going to marry. It looks like 19-year-old Christine knew what she was talking about!

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how they asked

The proposal could not have been a more perfect moment. Thanksgiving traditions in my family dates back to the late 90’s when the Sharyon’s moved out to California. Ever since that first year, our two families have come together to celebrate the holiday, adding new people each year. The day is filled with family, lots of food, awesome music, and Lagunitas on tap. Brett joined this tradition a few years ago, and he was hooked! This year, he decided to make my holiday become the best day of my life. After dinner, we were all sitting around in the living as we always do, listening to the acoustic guitar and vocals of my cousin Rob. About four songs in, Rob prefaced the next song with a request from Brett. As Rob began playing Marry Me by Train, my eyes instantly filled with tears. Brett got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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It was absolutely perfect. We were able to share a sweet moment dancing in the living room to one of my favorite songs surrounded by the ones we loved. This, of course, was followed by lots of hugging and celebrating! Thanksgiving will forever be my favorite day.

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