Christine and Arturo

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It was my birthday I figured we were going out for dinner as soon as he got home from work but he was very jumpy and ready to go. As usual I was still not ready and just threw on what I could find no make up no outfit picked out didn’t think much. We stop at our favorite fruit place and he tells me run in and grab what you want and he stayed in the truck with our daughter and husky. We head to the park he said we are going for a bit and I figured aww we are going to sit and watch the sun go down and he’s going to give me my birthday present from him and our daughter. We get settled once we get to the park and our daughter starts reading out of a spiral. See my daughter and fiancé were busy before my birthday on a “project” and well I thought it was coupons my daughter made because she loves making me those for me to use ex.(one good coupon for a foot rub). She tells me I’m going to read you mom and dads love story and my heart melted but mind you I had no clue still ditsy me! My fiancé wrote out on each page a memory of our love story and on each page my daughter had drew a picture to it (sweet right?!, I know!). Once the last page came it said we are now a complete family living out of town making our dreams come true but wait there was just one thing left to do. My fiancé gets down on one knee and proposes and all I could say was “omg no no no!” But I didn’t mean no I didn’t want to marry him I meant no I was a wreck I wanted a video and pics haha! I couldn’t have imagined it anymore perfect than it was. I am planning on laminating the spiral for our daughter and her future siblings it truly was a special and unforgettable birthday!

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