Christine and Andy

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How We Met

I knew I wanted to be a wedding planner from a very young age, but I had never dreamt of my own wedding- let alone dated in grade school. It wasn’t until my last semester of college that I met a boy at a party 45 minutes off campus. While lining up to play flip cup (super classy, right?!) I noticed a face that looked familiar to me from across the table.

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I asked him what his name was and quickly realized that I had gone to Elementary school with his younger brother, and he with my older sister. Andy and I sat under the stars chatting all night and found out that we grew up 5 minutes from each other basically our entire lives, but had never met each other prior to that evening.

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I wouldn’t say that it was “love at first sight”, but I knew there was something special about Andy, so we kept in touch over the next year. Once we both graduated from college and started our first jobs, we reconnected when Andy asked me on a date to celebrate my birthday. From that night on we were inseparable, but still not “official”.

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A few more months of us just “hanging out” went by before I impatiently texted him to ask him to be my boyfriend. That’s right- I asked HIM to my first official boyfriend. Since I was the one to ask him out, I always told Andy that he could make it up to me by planning a spectacular proposal- and boy, did he deliver!

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how they asked

My family in the UK was planning a family vacation in the countryside of France for the summer of 2018, so Andy, my sister, and I decided to add a pitstop in Paris to our French trip. You could say I drop a few hints to Andy about a possible Parisian engagement while booking an excursion to The Palace of Versailles. The three of us arrived at Versailles for our guided tour around the palace and were floored by every inch of the French masterpiece. As we moved from room to room, it would get more and more crowded, and I began to convince myself that the likelihood of a proposal happening on this day of the trip was unlikely.

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We were then given a little over one hour to explore the grounds on our own before having to head back on the bus to Paris. The gardens in Versailles are AMAZING, and the part I was looking forward to the most. The further we walked into the gardens, the more secluded it became. We stumbled across a pathway lined with perfectly manicured hedges that lead to the Palace and used it as a prime photo opportunity. After my sister snapped a shot of Andy and me, he swiftly dropped to one knee to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him!

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Thankfully, my sister was there to record the whole thing because I didn’t pay attention to a word he said while my dream ring was staring right at me. It truly was the most perfect moment! To celebrate and commemorate our engagement, we had a mini photo shoot the next morning around the Eiffel Tower!

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Andy pulled off the Parisian proposal of my dreams, and I can not wait to call him my husband!

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