Christine and Allen

Christine's Proposal in San Diego, CA

How We Met

Allen and I met through mutual friends, and we quickly became friends ourselves! The first time that I brought Allen to meet my parents, my mom recognized him because she was best friends with his mom in high school! Such a coincidence! We became the inseparable and spent every waking day together going on adventures outdoors and just hanging out. We started dating two months after we met, and we’ve been together for almost 7 years!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Diego, CA

how they asked

So since we live together and spend most of our time together, it is so hard for us to keep secrets and surprises from each other. I travel quite often for work, and Allen thought the best way to surprise me would to fly across country to San Diego (we’re from Philadelphia!) and ask me when I least expect it.. at work!! He tracked me down while I was walking around San Diego and asked me to go on a hike with him! We love hiking! Allen took me on an 8 mile hike to what is called “Potato Chip Rock” and asked me to marry him once we got to the top! Unfortunately, Allen had to fly back home the next day for work, but I was so impressed with how badly he wanted to surprise me! Truly the sweetest thing he’s ever done!