Christina and Mike

HOW WE MET: Mike and I met at business school at University of San Francisco. Before we started school we were all invited to join a special Facebook group to start “networking” and I remember seeing that Mike was one of the first to join the group. His profile picture was of him on the steps of USF and I remember thinking: “wow this really cute guy is in my class and he must be really into USF if that’s his profile picture!”. We weren’t in the same cohort, but we became friendly right off the bat – Mike was always asking me to go running with him! Haha. We’re both a little shy, so we didn’t go on our first official date until over a year later!

FIRST DATE: Our first date was so perfectly us: Mike asked me to go hiking with him in Marin (the Dipsea trail). It was raining that day, but I was too excited about (finally) going on a “date” with Mike that I didn’t want to cancel or reschedule. Wet hair be damned I was going on that hike! I brought gummy bears, and we figured out that we both have a deep appreciation for candy, which started a whole conversation about Nerds and other treats.

I’m not good at playing it cool, so I asked Mike to go to a comedy show that night (technically date #2). It was a terrible show (definitely a 2 drink minimum) and I found out years later that he and his roommate thought that was super weird to have a 12 hour date. But it worked and we’re still here and now we’re on this crazy stupid adventure together and it’s kind of awesome.

PROPOSAL: Mike’s proposal was so perfect! My family has a house down in Pacific Grove and it is our favorite place to go for a quick weekend escape. We had driven down on Friday evening because it is the best feeling to wake up down there and start the day slowly with relaxed coffee and a trail run on the beach. Saturday morning we were both feeling slower than usual (relaxed or lazy??) and neither of us was in much of a rush to start our run, so we just kind of kept walking as we got to the trail head. A short way along the trail there is a little gazebo that looks out over the rocky Asilomar shore – we’ve walked by it a million times. When we got there Mike slowed down to take in the view and before I knew what was happening he was down on his knee saying “OK I’m not sure how to do this…but…will you marry me?” The rest is a blur. I was totally surprised and probably made some funny noises, jumped on him and asked if he was serious. Then I put on the ring and we decided we should probably get started on that run! The next 5 miles were the best I’ve ever run. The rest of the day was filled with sharing the news with our family (and serious detective friends who somehow figured out our happy news before it was Instagram official), wandering around Carmel, and lots champagne.

Special Thanks