Christina and Michael

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How We Met

It was a cold and rainy Halloween night 6 years ago, and two of my closest friends ended up convincing me to dress up in recycled costumes and go out. We ended up at a popular local bar where we ran into several people we knew celebrating Halloween. I remember seeing Mike while we were hanging out with mutual friends and thinking that he looked like a lot of fun. It turns out we went to the same high school but because he was two grades behind me, we never actually met. He came up to me and asked if he could buy me a drink. Going with the flow I thought why not, and of course ordered two more for my friends. He had the most amazing blue eyes but it was when he led me onto the dance-floor that I became hooked.

He asked for my number and texted me the next morning. Me being the sarcastic person that I am, I responded with “who is this” just to make him sweat a little. After all, I was still fresh out of a long term relationship and the last thing any level headed girl would do is jump into another one. It took some time and an amazing romantic birthday surprise that he orchestrated in January, but by Valentine’s Day I finally gave in and hopped on the greatest adventure of my life. To say we are crazy about each other is an understatement!

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It had been seven days since we celebrated my brother’s amazing NYE wedding. It was now my birthday weekend, the big 3-0. As much as I wanted to do something to celebrate, I also just wanted to relax and enjoy having fun without a plan. And the last thing on my mind at this point was anything wedding related! My birthday fell on a Friday, so everyone told me we would celebrate Saturday. The only thing I needed to know was to be ready by 6:30 PM! Naturally we planned to do the low-key family dinner Friday night so I could save my energy for Saturday night shenanigans.

Friday on my way home from work I called Mike to tell him I need to get my nails redone even though he told me to take care of them that night. I know I didn’t have time and decided I would get them done the next morning before my birthday night out. Finally I return home and begin getting ready. He mentioned it was cold outside but I really didn’t care because we were going to a restaurant (poor guy tried to drop me so many hints). I threw on a pair of jeans, boots and my favorite fuzzy ball hat. I’m not sure what got into me but I wanted to attempt gold sparkly party eye shadow for my Saturday birthday celebration, so I picked Friday night to “experiment” with my makeup. It was hideous but thankfully this was the low-key night with my family. When we jumped in the truck, Mike told me he had a little surprise for me before dinner.

We start heading down a road that I know nothing exists but neighborhoods and a dog park. Sure enough we pull into Quiet Waters, a dog friendly park where I’ve participated in local SPCA events at. My heart started racing with excitement thinking Mike could be surprising me with a puppy! What I didn’t know was that Quiet Waters also had an outdoor ice skating rink. I had mentioned to Mike years before that I had not been ice skating in forever and it was my favorite thing to do as a child. He’s always been romantic when it comes to my birthday, so I was overjoyed he thought of this sweet surprise for a little ‘us’ time. When we got inside to pay for our rental skates, Mike realized he forgot his wallet and it was cash only. For some reason the guy decided to let us just go for free-how nice! We got out on the ice and it took me a lap or two around the rink to get the hang of it again.

Mike is the most outgoing, well-spoken charming guy I’ve ever met, so it was out of character for him when he became less talkative while we were skating, but I figured he was trying to remember where he left his wallet. After about 30 minutes of skating, our song “Crazy Love” by Van Morrison came on over the outdoor speakers and I immediately smiled, giddy and began shouting “our song!” “Did you do this?” “You totally planned that, right?” Before he could answer my 100 questions, he dropped down on one knee. All of the skaters seemed to have moved to one side of the rink and all I could see was Mike’s face looking up at me.

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I blacked out a little at this point but realized this was really happening when he used my full name and told me I’ve made him the happiest he’s ever been. He pulled out a small box and I almost collapsed trying to catch my breath. All I could see were fireworks coming out of this beautiful little box through my tear filled eyes. .

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I jumped in his arms crying and kissing him before he could even put the ring on my finger, until he finally asked if that meant yes! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world and knew I would never forget this being the absolute BEST feeling of my life!

I finally put the ring on and gazed in amazement at my hand with the ring he picked out all on his own-a vintage French pavè round cut solitaire.

(Oh and it turns out Mike had gone to the rink the night before to practice skating and set up the timing of the music, so it wasn’t that odd they let us go for free) Every employee and onlooker cheered and clapped for us when Mike shouted “She said yes”! All of a sudden he pointed to the bushes and out popped a hidden photographer. There I was in my hideous gold eye-shadow and a fuzzy ball hat, thanking God for sending me this amazing thoughtful man. I knew this night couldn’t get any better. Finally he told me he was taking me to my favorite restaurant, Lewnes’ Steakhouse to celebrate with just us two. When the hostess showed us to our table, both of our immediate families, my best friend and the photographer were there waiting with gifts and flowers to congratulate us.

My cheeks never hurt so much from smiling! The cherry on top was Mike telling me a few days later how enjoyable the whole process was from finding the ring to actually proposing. He literally thought of everything and I’m the lucky girl who soon gets to call this man my husband.

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