Christina and Zach

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how we met

Back in high school, I’d gone to a party with some friends, and met this guy there. We started chatting, and then went our separate ways after the party. As luck would have it, we started ending up in the same places. After finally exchanging numbers, we started going out on some dates. After graduation, we decided it’d be best to be apart for college, but fate had other things in mind. We started dating again, and we fell head over heels for each other!

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how they asked

Casey is my best friend, and I’d been telling her I wanted a Charleston proposal. She had a bride having a session in Charleston, and she asked me if I’d like to come with Zach. We had already picked a ring out, so I figured it was going to happen. Zach decided to torture me with it though. He started doing fake proposals with anything and everything. It was driving me crazy because every time he’d get down on one knee, my heart would skip a beat. Casey took us downtown where Zach proposed with a moon pie, our leftovers, a mint, and everything else he got his hands on.

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And then we went to the College of Charleston. Apparently Casey and Zach had it all planned out, but I still had my guard up. We had walked to this private garden there, and Zach got down on one knee yet again.

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But then he poured his heart out. It was that moment that I realized it was legit. I was shocked, and could only ask him if he was for real! When he said yes, I said yes! We took the rest of the day to celebrate that we were FINALLY legit engaged.

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