Christina and Tyler

How We Met: It all started on an ordinary day, I was asked to go bowling with a little group. For the whole day I said I didn’t want to go up till the last five possible minutes. Who would’ve thought I met the guy of my dreams at a bowling alley. He was my first boyfriend,the first to hold my hand,the first to kiss me,& my first love.

how they asked: On July 11th,2015 I became one of the happiest girls when the love of my life asked me to marry him. That day will forever be indented in my mind. We went out to dinner with family,then headed to downtown Disney to get ice cream. We walked on the new bridge,where he asked to take a picture with me,he wanted the sunset in it too. As I was looking at the beautiful sky,he was looking at me. Saying everything sweet. Then he looked at me and said I have to ask you a question and dropped to one knee.

Image 1 of Christina and Tyler

That’s when I said yes to the beginning of my future.

Image 2 of Christina and Tyler