Christina and Travis

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How We Met

Travis and I met in July 2015 at a mutual friends birthday. We stared at each other across the room and were too scared to talk to each other. Fast forward a few weeks, he finally got my number and took me on our first date, where we each ended up rescuing a dog. 6 months later we were living together with our two dogs.

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how they asked

July 3 2017 I came home from getting my nails done, to find Travis, passports in hand and my bag already packed. (my birthday was June 5th and we had just got back from out of town on June 3rd. So he had told me he had a surprise for my birthday, but it wouldn’t be for a couple weeks. So I just thought this was my birthday surprise.)

So he drives us down to Ensenada, to the most amazing shipping container home with a huge deck that overlooks the ocean. On our way down, I’m like, wait? Are we coming back tomorrow? Because I have a client booked at my salon on Wednesday and therefore can’t miss work.. come to find out, he contacted my manager and booked a fake client so that we could stay for 3 days. We hangout around the house for a while and then he tells me we have dinner reservations at a restaurant, so I get ready.

He then suggests we take a picture out on the deck with the ocean in the background (which again, not a give away because we do this all the time because we’re lame like that. And we have a tripod that we use with self timer, because I HATE selfies. So none of this was out of the ordinary.) So he goes to set up the camera, on what I think is self timer, but was actually a video, runs over and poses with me, and then steps away and gets on one knee.

After I finally stop jumping up and down and kissing him a million times, he says we have to hurry, because we are going to be late to our dinner reservation. We arrive at the restaurant and as I walk through the door, the first thing I see is a huge table with most of our closest friends. ALL THE WAY IN ENSENADA. So we got to celebrate our engagement with all our friends, in Mexico, all night long.

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