Christina and Timothy

How We Met: It has been a pleasant journey!! Timothy and I met in college and had a fairly rocky start but on September 2011 we decided to take our relationship to the next level. Our relationship has endured long distances ranging from NC to SC (I was in graduate school) and NC to GA (I found a job after graduate school and relocated). After several months of me living in GA we decided we couldn’t live without each other and Tim relocated to GA. In December 2014, after only being in GA for 6 months we decided that GA was not where we wanted to settle down. We returned to NC and have been doing extremely well.

Image 1 of Christina and Timothy

how they asked: Our parents had been questioning us about getting married and I kept saying when Tim is ready he’ll pop the question. I didn’t want to rush anything because I knew deep down inside he would one day make me his wife. March 2015 came and I was planning a get away for Tim’s birthday. I decided that we’d go to Charlotte, NC to visit my family and he wanted to try out for a Canadian League football team; so that location was perfect.

Saturday morning my mother, sister, and father met us at my grandmother’s house in Gastonia, NC. My mother’s birthday had just passed and Tim’s was quickly approaching. I suggested we went out to eat as a family to celebrate the two birthdays and chose Maggiano’s Little Italy. That morning Tim went to try out for the Canadian League Football team and my grandmother wanted to go shopping. While out my mother and sister continuously asked what I was wearing to dinner and making suggestions of outfits I should buy.

I was frankly irritated that they had a problem with my wardrobe and soon gave into their suggestions. I tried on several outfits and shoes and finally decided on cute outfit. My mother and sister were satisfied and I was extremely happy to get them off my back. I had no idea that later that night I’d agree to be Mrs. Sunkins and felt that outfit was a COMPLETE waste of my money.

I returned home and got ready for dinner. Tim came home from his tryouts and we left to check into our hotel room. After we were settled we met my family at Maggiano’s and proceeded to have dinner. I thought it was quite awkward when my dad suggested we sat at the end of the table but agreed when they stated Tim would have more leg room there. We enjoyed dinner and left Maggiano’s saying our good bye’s.

We returned to the hotel room around 11:00 PM and decided to go outside to walk around the lake. We walked for an hour or so and then we finally found a bench to sit on. Tim looks over at me and says “Today has been a good day, we had dinner with your family….” He continues to ramble and I’m like you right it has been a good day. Then he say’s “Well you what would make tonight even better”… Of course I ruined the mood (It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t) and stated “Some sex”. He completely ignored me and stated “It would be even better if you would be my wife”. I was completely shocked. I covered my face with my hands and said “Are you serious…. YES”. We kissed and hugged. My life hasn’t been the same since…I’ve been floating on air!