Christina and Simon

How We Met

About 15 years ago I met my best friend Adriena and through attending family functions with her I met her cousin Simon. It wasn’t until years later that we reconnected through Facebook and became close in a new and exciting way!

Image 1 of Christina and Simon

how they asked

He had planned it all as a surprise and included our parents and his brother, which made me melt even more because his respect for family is one of the first things I loved about him! He was attending a car event in Monterey and had planned that I go up there with our parents for a family day by the beach. He told me he’d make reservations at a restaurant for us all to have dinner together. But before dinner he took me for a walk as he wanted to show me a row of purple flowers at Lover’s Point (to say that Purple is my favorite color is an understatement.) Due to the season changing, he soon realized that the flowers were no longer in bloom and he quickly redirected our walk to a point where the scene was just breathtaking! The waves crashing so hard you can feel the mist and taste the salt in the water. He began speaking softly to me and got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring that was better than anything I’d dreamt! I can’t wait to begin a life with this man who is better than anything I’ve dreamt!