Christina and Sean

Proposal Ideas Belevedere Room, Padre Hotel

How We Met

Christy and Sean met each other on the first day of work for North of the River in Youth Tackle Football on September 12, 2015. It was the next Saturday, when Christy was given the option by their boss between two football fields to work. Christy specifically chose the field Sean was already stationed at. Immediately, the two of them began to talk and get to know each other as they kept time and score of the youth football game. That was the day they both found out they had so much in common and had already been going to church together for many years. After a month of working the NOR program together, Sean had been talking about needing to start running again. Christy suggested that the two of them run together. They got to know each other more on each run. On their third run together, Sean asked Christy if she would like to go out with him on Friday night. She smiled, and said, “Yes”. The two went ice skating on Friday October 23rd 2015. They talked for hours and circled the ice skating rink over and over again. Then, they went out for frozen yogurt afterwards. They were talking so long, that they closed the (yogurt) bar down! It was 11 PM and they both had work the next day. On October 28, 2015, Christy and Sean began to date each other exclusively.

how they asked

In late April of 2017 while Christy was working all day, Sean had previously made plans with her parents to go out to breakfast after church. A month in advance, Sean asked Mr. and Mrs. Ruettgers for their blessing for Christy’s hand in marriage. The two already had a formal date night planned for the Belvedere Room at the Padre Hotel on May 27th, 2017. Christy and Sean were enjoying each other’s company and a nice meal. When the waiting staff brought out dessert, the plate said “Will you marry me?” written out with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Christy was surprised and Sean got down on one knee at her side. He said “We’ve been going out for a year and seven months, will you spend the rest of your life with me?” And of course, she said, “Yes!” The waiting staff brought out a bottle of champagne on the house for the two to celebrate!

Christina and Sean's Engagement in Belevedere Room, Padre Hotel