Christina and Samuel

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How We Met

Samuel and I had both been visiting different colleges back in 2018, and the university we both ended up attending had a freshman “preview” weekend where incoming high school students could spend the weekend in dorms and learn what life was like at the university! On the first day of check-in, we met in line while registering our luggage and getting information about where to go! He was actually behind me in line by chance (this is actually the only photo actually that his dad took that weekend!) but we ended up really introducing ourselves later!
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Later on that day we got to talking about my ambitions to be a Physicians Assistant (which turns out I got my degree in psychology) and his goal of becoming an M.D. This was the conversation where I realized that I loved his sense of humor and his drive, it truly felt like the new beginning of a great friendship — and it was much more than just that!

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Unfortunately, we later ended up getting assigned to different tour groups, but I was determined to find him later at one of the campus parties. That night, I wanted to make a kind gesture to talk more, so with two s’mores in hand (very romantic, I know) I was walking toward a booth I’d seen him in before. Abruptly, this girl I’d seen around stepped in my way and told me to leave him alone. She called dibs. Funny enough, we ended up becoming roommates that year and it all worked out! But at that moment, I was really confused. So, with a bit of regret, I took my s’mores elsewhere.

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After leaving that weekend, Sam and I eventually got in touch with each other again through Snapchat. This was where the real fun began. We FaceTimed EVERY night until the crack of dawn talking about absolutely anything, everything, and sometimes literally nothing. This is actually when we became best friends.

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So even with 600 miles between us, we knew that we always had each other. Thankfully, this would lead us to fall in love and visit one another as frequently as possible. With dates few and far in between, I knew there was something special about him, and there most definitely was. Eventually when college started, it truly felt like I’d found my other half. Over the two years of our relationship he became my biggest supporter, my late-night ice cream and binge the bachelor buddy, my kiss goodnight, and everything in between. Here’s a couple of my favorites!

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How They Asked

Due to an array of reasons, including COVID-19, Samuel had already blown through his proposal plans A through E (he DEFINITELY was counting). From the cruise we’d had booked to renting a day boat with our closest friends or even taking a road trip to Disney, everything shut down the week he wanted to pop the question. Still with a bit of hope left, he’d begun privately talking with his family about possibly taking a weekend vacation to Fort Myers Beach! It had been one of the only places open for a hotel stay and an open beach near us, but it was still two hours away. After booking a room for us and another for his parents, Sam wanted to make the weekend even MORE special. He wanted to bring my best friend and her mom to the proposal.

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To add context, my best friend lives 600 miles away and it had been a long two years since I’d seen her, plus her mom had been a parent figure to me when we were younger. Sam knew how much I would’ve loved having them both there for our engagement, and so he was determined to make it happen. At this point, while Anna (my best friend) and Samuel had been carefully plotting to make this happen, both of them were purposely telling me she couldn’t visit us at all within a couple of months due to the virus. Aside from that part of the plan, he nonchalantly added that I should invite my friend and old roommate Kelli on our trip too to add fun (remember her from the night we met?). It all kinda goes full circle. So, from there Samuel, Kelli, Anna, her mother, Sam’s parents, and I are all en-route to Fort Myers!

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When we arrive at our hotel, we have a beautiful oceanfront suite and a sunny day ahead of us. Little did I know, this was around the time our dinner reservation canceled because they couldn’t accommodate in restaurant dining (virus, again). At this point, everyone had come across and managed to book a better and open restaurant that was *literally* on the water! My takeaway from now knowing this is that even when certain things falling apart, they always seem to work out.

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Later that evening after Sam and I had gotten ready for dinner, there was a knock at the door. At this point, my heart dropped. MY BEST FRIEND WALKED IN THE DOOR. I cannot remember the last time I’d busted into tears so fast. All I could do was hug her as tight as humanly possible. So after about a half-hour of happy tears, Sam suggested we talk a watch on the beach for me to cool down before dinner.

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Once we got to the beach, he paused during our walk to enjoy the sunset (this was actually when he started his proposal speech!). After his speech, he took a knee and asked me to marry him — AND I SAID YES! So that’s the story of how I got to marry the man who came into my life and showed me that I am worth all the stars in the sky.

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