Christina and Ryan

How We Met

I had just about given up on dating for a while when I tried out a dating website that my cousin recommended after finding her now spouse. I figured I had nothing to loose so I gave it a shot and signed up. After a view views and a few emails between guys I knew wouldn’t go anywhere I had decided online dating wasn’t my thing and stopped going online until one day I received an email from Ryan simply saying hello and that he wanted to get to know me better. There was something different about him. Something endearing and we began to talk online which led to talking on the phone and eventually to our first date where he took me to dinner, listened to me all night, held my door and got down in the snow covered ground (without asking) after noticing my tire was loosing air and he wanted to make sure I got home safe. After a hug (he didn’t want to assume he should expect a kiss) he asked me out again and the rest is history…

how they asked

May 8th 2015 was my 29th birthday and after  three years together we knew we were in this relationship for the long haul. We had just out an offer in on a house and we’re looking to our future. It was my birthday and he sent me flowers to my job telling me he hoped my birthday was great but promised it would be even better when I saw him later that night. He was not lying when he picked me up and took my to dinner at my favorite restaurant. During dinner he seemed a little off but I coughed it up to him being tired from work. After dinner we walked to the car and as soon as he opened the door and I got in he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. Turns out he was so nervous at dinner bad couldn’t wait another second to pop the question. Of course my response was YES!