Christina and Ricardo

How We Met

In my first year of college, I made a lot of new friends. Who knew that one of those new friends would be the man I get to spend the rest of my life with. It all began with mutual friends (and social media!), one of his friends showed him my Instagram, and he liked what he saw! After requesting to follow me, he immediately got my attention by making my notifications light up! He then asked to see me in person, and we talked for HOURS. Then, I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. 2 years later, we shared a beautiful little girl and the world could not have been better. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better than that…on August 16,2016 he changed our lives forever.

how they asked

I got home from work on a regular Tuesday and found a beautiful dress and shoes laid on the bed with a note that said “Hey beautiful, get dolled up and I’ll pick you up at 7!” So once he picked me up he surprised me with dinner from where our first date was. He was acting different for sure but I thought nothing really of it. After dinner we went for a ride, he played our songs and sang them to me song after song. He ended up playing our first song and I bursted in tears (and now that I think about it he buttered me up!) He then said it was time to go pick up our daughter from his parents house and when we got there he immediately blind folded me and guided me to the backyard. When he took it off I was surprised seeing both our families surrounding us and photographers taking pictures. I look down as he was on one knew with the ring out and I just lost it and cried so hard.

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I was so excited and overwhelmed that I could not even listen to a word he said…and of course…it ended with a yes (: