Christina and Reginald

How We Met

Reginald and I met in October 2006. One of Reginald’s close friends was my next door neighbor. I did not like him at first and wanted nothing to do with him. Reginald would speak to me every day and try to make small talk. I would quickly say “hello”, and dash into the house. After a couple of weeks of this,he finally decided to ask me to lunch. To my surprise, I accepted. Although the lunch date went well, I still gave Reginald a hard time lol. He had a lot of patience and after some time I came around. (I just couldn’t say no to that face) We ended up spending more time with each other getting to know one another. Reginald and I decided to make our relationship official December 7, 2006. Like most couples, we have been through a lot and have had our up’s and down’s. However, we both agree there is no one better to take the roller coaster ride with. This is just the beginning of our journey, there is more to come. The picture below is one of our first trips together. We went to the Poconos.

Image 1 of Christina and Reginald

how they asked

Reginald proposed to me on my 30th birthday on April 9, 2015. The trip wasn’t a surprise but the proposal was lol! We went to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday. He told me when we landed that he didn’t have anything planned because he was not good with that type of thing. I was upset because I thought it wouldn’t be special and I didn’t think I was going to have a good time. Little did I know this was all apart of his master plan. Reginald made dinner reservations and popped the question in front of the Bellagio Fountains after we ate dinner. He was nervous and forgot to get on one knee at first and I was nervous and started asking questions. I asked, “where did you get that ring?” and ” you want to marry me?” It was quiet funny. In the end of course I said, “Yes!” It’s a day that will always be cherished. Now Reginald and I are preparing to tie the knot in St Lucia on June 7, 2017

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