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Our proposal is one that will always be a special one and something very dear to my heart. Being the HUGE Disney lover that I am, I always dreamt of having a Disney wedding (even though I knew it would not happen); so instead Randy planned an engagement that was beyond my wildest dreams! Every year for our anniversary of being together we always seem to find ourselves at Disney, so for our 5 years it was no surprise that we would be there for the day. We got there around 10 am on November 9, 2016, and began our Disney adventure at my favorite park Magic Kingdom for the day. Naturally, I did happen to glance at his pockets but did not see anything that looked “box like” so I had no idea what was coming my way. As we proceeded with our day it got to be around 3 pm and I was practically STARVING as we had not eaten anything except for some Dunkin Donuts before entering the park.

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I kept initiating for us to grab something but he REFUSED which was making me highly irritated. As we waited for the Mad Tea Cup ride he finally informed me that he had reservations at a restaurant that I always wanted to go to, but requires a 6 month or more reservation time, Cinderella’s Royal Table! I was so excited that my hunger magically disappeared. Our reservations were around 5:30 pm, and it was the most amazing experience. We ate and finally dessert time came, with a covered tray our waitress said “I heard you like chocolate” and I replied “I LOVE chocolate” and with that she said “Well! You’re going to really LOVE this” and as she lifted the cover from a white plate, there laid Cinderella’s glass slipper on a bed of rose petals. Randy then pulled this HUGE box from his pocket (I still have no clue how I missed it the WHOLE time), got down on one knee and asked if I “would be his princess forever?”

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