Christina and Rana

2 years ago on this same sun shining day me and my now fiancé <3 had reservations at this seafood restaurant by the water called Pops. After dinner, I was ready to go home and go to bed, but my boyfriend had other plans! He asked me if I wanted to see a meteor shower in Long Island City by the 59th Street Bridge. I never saw a meteor shower before so I was excited to go. This place is very special to both of us ,it’s where he took me on our first date and the first time we told each other “I love you.” On our drive to L.I.C. I was explaining what meteor showers were and showing him pictures on my phone . We haven’t been there since our first date 4 years ago so when we got there a lot had changed. There was now a playground by the water where we crawled up the slide and sat on the landing with me between Ronnie’s legs. We enjoyed the cool air and stared at the skyline enjoying the night. We spoke about how far we’ve come and the heartaches we’ve endured. We laughed and reminisced on our past and we fantasized about our future home and kids. Ronnie placed both his hands on my left hand and told me how much he loved me and how he always knew I was the one while sliding the ring on my ring finger. We both broke into tears as I looked at the ring under the moonlight. The ring, the moment,and being in each other’s arms was such a beautiful proposal. It was deep, heartfelt, and it caught me completely off guard. He as well was caught of guard since he hadn’t plan on how he was going to propose but he saw the perfect opportunity and just went for it. The most perfect unplanned proposal. We’re getting married June 18,2017!!!

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