Christina and Piero

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How We Met

Piero and I met 7 years ago at a bar in Toronto. My friend and I couldn’t get a table as the bar was really packed, so Piero saw me and asked if we wanted to sit with him and his friends. My friend and I said okay and sat with them the whole night. I actually have a boyfriend at the time and never thought I would see him again. Through the years Piero would message me through social media and I always kind of blew him off hehe. But about 3 years ago, after he messaged me for my number, I finally agreed to meet with him. (We were both finally single at the same time). As they say the rest is history. We have been inseparable ever since, and I am so happy that I went to that bar that day and that Piero asked me to sit with him :) <3

how they asked

Piero and I took a trip to Curacao for my birthday in December of this year with another couple. On the day of my birthday, Piero made everything perfect, and I can say was the best day of my life. It started with room service brought to our room, with mimosas :). Throughout the day Piero was telling me that he had a birthday surprise for me at night.

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The night time came around and we got ready for the “surprise”. Piero walked me through the resort to a pier that came out onto the ocean. When I looked straight I saw our friends there who wanted to say Happy Birthday to me, but really they were there to give Piero the ring and tape the whole thing.

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When I looked ahead I saw an aisle lite up with lanterns and a C and P lite up on a table, at this point I knew it was coming. As we walked closer to the table and through the aisle, I saw pictures of us, sea shells, candles, champagne, signs that said Happy Birthday Baby and the date, December 5, 2017, and a card. We sat down at the table, and Piero told me to read the birthday card. He wrote the sweetest card i’ve ever read. He then told me to stand up, and I knew FOR SURE then it was happening. I saw the photographer come out, and just as the sun was setting on the beautiful ocean in Curacao, my love, with tears in his eyes, got down on one knee. After the photographer took pictures of us, we sat down and had the most amazing dinner together, just the two of us on the beach at night. <3

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