Christina and Patrick

How We Met: Patrick and I met while on a 12 mile hike with mutual friends. He was charging up the mountain with no issues and I was in the back thinking I was on my deathbed. Needless to say, we didn’t talk much that day. We ran into each other again a couple weeks later and ended up talking for hours. I had never felt so comfortable around a stranger before.

Image 1 of Christina and Patrick

how they asked: Patrick and I had spent a lot of time hiking and at the beach while dating. I had always figured he would ask me in one of those places, but never imagined it would be so romantic. I had been listening to music the night before the proposal and discovered Us The Duo. I immediately fell in love with a couple of their songs (Make You Mine, No Matter Where You Are) and ended up playing them for Patrick while we were on our way to the beach. He was really quiet, but just kept looking over at me and smiling. We began approaching the water and the beach looked empty. I saw a gorgeous picnic set up in the distance and my heart started racing as Patrick grabbed my hand and walked me closer. He didn’t say much, neither of us did. He dropped to his knee and I just remember smiling and kissing him. I don’t know if he ever asked or if I even answered. All I know is I had a ring on my finger and a commitment to the man I love. We spent the rest of the night watching the sun go down and then met up with some of our best friends for a bonfire. It was absolutely perfect! Patrick and I actually just got married and we decided to play one of the Us The Duo songs as we walked back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs.

Image 2 of Christina and Patrick