Christina and Noel

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How We Met

Noel whisked me away in his arms the first night we met. Meeting at a music festival, it was an unexpected meeting and we clicked. His kind nature and care made the night an unforgettable experience and everlasting memory.

How They Asked

After the first day of teaching in my first ever class, Noel stated many weeks back that it was time we needed a short holiday where we could truly spend time together. It was a much-needed break. Preparing to go to a nice dinner, little did I know he planned an unforgettable proposal.

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A touch of my love for roses, a light that shone and resembled the night sky when we first met, and a huge SURPRISE! Entering the hotel and seeing every little component that showed a part of his love for me created a memory that will forever remain as one of the happiest moments we had together. The moment was definitely a magical surprise and we cannot wait to show and start a new chapter in our lives!Image 2 of Christina and Noel

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Special Thanks

My Proposal Co.
 | Planning
My Proposal Co.
 | Styling
Matt Hedesh
 | Photographer