Christina and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and I met in high school. We were in the same Honors English class our freshman year – he was so quiet and shy, I didn’t speak to him all year. A few years later, we had our Junior Physics class together. We both stayed after school to work on homework together, and quickly became great friends. After weeks of hinting, I finally took the liberty to ask him on a date myself. We started dating, were prom dates, and we were even voted ‘Most Likely to be Married’ our senior year. We’ve been together ever since!

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how they asked

Five years after we started dating, Nick surprised me by taking me to The Oval on Ohio State’s campus. There is a tradition called ‘The Long Walk’, where if you and your significant other walk down The Oval without anyone crossing your path, you’re destined to be together forever.

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To my surprise, all of our friends and family were lined up, so no one could cross our path. As we walked, each person gave me a rose and gave us words of love and wisdom. At the end of the The Long Walk, Nick took me outside Ohio Stadium, where his grandparents have a brick with their family name on it. There was a final rose and a candle lit in memory of his grandmother, whom he was extremely close with and passed away earlier this year. After we payed tribute to her, he walked me to the rotunda of the stadium to a circle of candles, and proposed.

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Through all the emotion and happiness, I said yes!

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