Christina and Nicholas

How We Met

Nicholas: Well I’m not ashamed to say that it was “LOVE AT FIRST SWIPE” lol. We met on TINDER after many weird dates and pretty good number of catfishes but after giving up for a while I gave it another try and ended up meeting my eventual SOULMATE Christina Marie Thurman!!! Spending day after day talking to her and seeing her we were growing closer and closer until we decided to make things official as a COUPLE. After weeks turned into months, months turned into a year of learning, growing and loving each other we wanted to go even a step further with Marriage. I love Christina as she has accepted me, my son and all my flaws unconditionally from day one. There have been ups and downs but the POWER of love, communication, and God overcame any situation that has come up and I love her so much for that. I will be so glad to call her MRS. SMITH on the 31st of August of the year of 2019!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in We were at the courthouse to get our “carrier license”

Christina's Proposal in We were at the courthouse to get our “carrier license”

Proposal Ideas We were at the courthouse to get our “carrier license”

Where to Propose in We were at the courthouse to get our “carrier license”

Christina: Like Nick loves to say “IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SWIPE” lol. After my share of heartbreaks and bad dates I never thought some random scroll on the “big talk” TINDER would send me my #FOREVERAFTER. However, I can’t express how more proud and unashamed I am! Nick has put a BIG SMILE on my face from the start even though these rocky roads. I’m just so grateful that his presence has filled a lot of missed spots and has even given me my first look at mothering! I’m so happy and honored to be the woman Jacob also sees as a mother-figure through our journey of life. Finally, I can’t wait to be Mrs. Smith!!! (Especially since Mrs. & Mr. Smith is a favorite movie of mine)

How They Asked

Well, it starts with his & hers .45acp handgun set! He knows how thrilled I am about the gun range and fantasies about an outrageous “MR & MRS SMITH” type of marriage. However, in real life, we knew it was right and the safest to have a carrier license.

The next day or so Nick took off and we were on our way to get the license; standing at the same desk he signs us in there to get our Marriage License!!!!!! Oh. Yeah… we did still get our carrier license!!!!