Christina and Nathan

Image 1 of Christina and Nathan

how we met

Nathan and Christina met in a unique setting of a nationwide search for true love… online… in October of 2014 (thank you eharmony). Christina’s page showed an outgoing beautiful young lady who was both educated and enjoyed being active. She was just finishing her master’s program and was considering moving out to Arizona to start her career. She was a perfect fit for Nathan. Nathan’s page showed a handsome young man (after some tricky photography), one who was also active and in the midst of his master’s program.

Image 2 of Christina and Nathan

He seemed to be exactly what Christina was looking for. It was still some time before Christina was to move out to Arizona, however they began chatting online and over the phone, there was an instant attraction to each other’s personalities. Christina accepted a position in Arizona and moved to Phoenix , where Nathan & Christina met in person for the first time at Taco Guild (which is a cathedral style church converted to restaurant), even at the beginning, it was as if we had known each other forever. We have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

Nate surprised me with a trip to Sedona, AZ for my 30th birthday! We love everything outdoors, so naturally we went hiking!! We chose the “broken Arrow” trail which neither of us had ever hiked and it was absolutely stunning! Once we reached a secluded area of the trail with a stunning view of the valley Nate stopped to get our dog a “treat” so I thought nothing of him digging through his hiking pack. I had no idea the “treat” was really for me, when he turned to me opened a ring box!! I said yes of course!

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Special Thanks

Cacie Carroll Photography
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