Christina and Mike

How We Met: Mike and I met about ten years ago at my first job. We worked at a local pizzeria, Vincenzo’s Pizza, just around the block from our homes. We loved working together and could not stop laughing around each other. About 6 months into working together my family and I moved to Oregon. Mike and I remained friends through the years of finishing high school and than moving away to college. We would occasionally text each other seeing how the other one was doing and where in life they were at now. The night before Thanksgiving one year we both ran into each other at a local bar in our home town. We said hi and continued on our night with our separate friend groups. From that moment Mike and I could not stop thinking about each other. He texted me a couple weeks later asking how I was and hinting that we should hangout. Our first date was at Chin Chin in Studio City and from there we know we had something special. Our dates never felt like effort and we had the type of chemistry that kept us inseparable.

Image 1 of Christina and Mike

how they asked: Mike and I had planned a weekend away to Carmel and Monterey right after the new year. We woke up that Friday morning, finished packing and hopped into the car. After driving for almost 6 hours we got to our first stop, Carmel. We parked and started walking around the quaint town full of local shops. As we walked around Mike suggested we go down to the beach. Being that Pebble Beach Golf Links overlooks the coast I figured that Mike just wanted to take a look at the course. As we continued to walk along the beach Mike continued to say the sweetest words to me and requested for a passer by to take a photo of us. This was so unlike Mike but I figured he was just trying to be romantic. He handed the man the camera and let him know it was on record and to just film us. As Mike walked back to me I realized what was happening. He walked back, said a few sweet sentences and asked me to marry him! The man filming was commentating the whole time during the video which made it that much better. We thanked them for filming and soaked up the first few minutes of being engaged!

Image 2 of Christina and Mike