Christina and Michael

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How We Met

Not ashamed to say it. We met online. OKCupid to be exact. I never knew my life would change just by sending a simple “Hey :)”. It didn’t take long for us to connect. The chemistry was real and we messaged each other constantly for the next week or so, until I asked her to meet up for drinks. Without hesitation, she said “of course!” On January 21, 2015, we met at a local restaurant, and from the very moment she stepped out of her car, I knew she would be the one. That night was unforgettable. The very next day I asked her on another date. After the date we sat in my car, in her driveway, sunroof open, with light snowfall showering us as we talked until the sun rose. From that point on I knew that this girl was the one for me. It has been fireworks ever since.

how they asked

On August 28, 2016 I was heading out with one of my best friends, Paige, to look at possible venues for her bridal shower, little did I know this day would wind up being the best day of my life. Our first stop was Russo’s on the Bay in Howard Beach. My dad met us outside and escorted us upstairs to meet with Carol and check out the venue. After we had visited all of the rooms inside, we headed outside to look at the garden. When heading back, I noticed a stroller with a baby inside in front of us and immediately said “Is that a baby?!” As we got closer I noticed a chalk board that said “Hi Auntie Sti Sti!” And I realized that it was my niece, Sage.

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The doors in front of us opened and out came my other niece, August, holding another chalk board which read “Uncle Mike has a question for you…” Nervously looking around I did not even notice Mike out in the vestibule on the dock.

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Stumbling over my own feet I headed toward him, tears streaming down my face. As soon as I reached the bottom of the dock, he grabbed me and hugged me tight.

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After listening to his heart felt words, I knew my life was about to change forever. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Tears still streaming down my face, I managed to squeeze out the words “of course!”

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We were then joined on the dock by my dad, our nieces, my brother and sister in law and two amazing friends Paige and Yoni to toast to our future.

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After a lot of hugs, tears and pictures, we all headed to the car to go out for “lunch.” We drove down the block to Vetro where we went up to the rooftop only to be surprised for a second time by our families and friends.

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The joy and excitement that filled the room only made this day that much more special. Being able to share that moment with all those who mean the world to me only helped me realize how amazing this man truly is to me.

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That day I was the princess, this is my fairy tale and our love story has only just begun.

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