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McKenzie is such a romantic, which I love because I tend to be more on the pessimistic side of the spectrum. He rented out the top floor of the Bridgeport Art Center that had a beautiful scenic view of downtown Chicago but without being in the middle of all the chaos. He set up a table for two with my favorite bottle of wine (Willamette Valley, Pinot Noir) and Pizza (Piece Pizza). He’s big into videotaping everything- so he told me that GoPro was doing some sort of competition and wanted to video a “typical Tuesday” night.

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Well, that typical Tuesday turned into him proposing; he made up the whole GoPro competition story just so he could catch everything on film. It was perfect because it was just us two there, no one else around to watch, when he did it. To top it all off, my best friend showed up afterward since she helped set everything up and I loved that she was able to be a part of that celebration. He proposed with a beautiful oval style ring which no one could say “no” too and I certainly didn’t!When we start to prepare for the wedding we plan for the engagement photo session as well.

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We hired Claudia from H Photography to photograph our wedding and she did the engagement session, too.We honestly knew about this eclectic venue that typically holds weddings called, Salvage One, but we thought it would be great to shoot our engagement photos since it was right down the street from where we lived and had that vintage feel where we could also bring our dog, Benedict Cumberbatch, to be in some of the shots with us.

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