Christina and Matthew

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How We Met

I was a freshman at the College of Charleston and he was a Junior who played on the men’s basketball team. We are both super tall so I always noticed him around campus! It is a pretty small school, so it was not long before we met and then began getting to know each other!

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how they asked

Matthew planned out a beautiful St. Helena, winery proposal. My dad, stepmom and little sister live in Napa, California so we always go out their for Thanksgiving to be with them every year. After four and a half years of dating, Matthew coordinated with my family and took me up to Chappellet Winery in St. Helena for a “tasting” with my dad, stepmom, two sisters, and soon to be brother in law while we were their visiting. As we are looking out into vineyards overlooking the water he turns to me and says, “you know I love you right?” I knew right when he opened his mouth it was about to happen! It also did not help that right when we got there, my dad said, “Isn’t this so romantic?” Following the proposal we spent time in the wine cellar with champagne and wine and then went to dinner where Matthew had custom wine bottles with our pictures on them sent out to the table with glass with my new wedding monogram on them.

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Special Thanks

Jon Guthrie
 | Photographer
Blakesley Chappallet
 | Chappellet Winery
Blue Nile
 | Ring