Christina and Marvin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dead Man’s Flat AB, Canada

How We Met

We met 4 years to the day of our anniversary (September 28) in Sun Peaks, Canada. Christina lives about an hour away, while I live in Portland, Oregon (10-hour drive). That day we were at the mountain resort for a Spartan Beast Race (obstacle course race) which is a 15-mile course with obstacles and mud and what our crazy minds take as fun!

We were 11 hours into this course when they race officials started closing the course due to safety concerns and wildlife (bears and elk) being on course. Feeling defeated, I started walking down the mountain to the parking lot when this woman began talking with me; it was Christina! We chatted for a bit about the race, where we were from, and ultimately said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. A few weeks later while at home now, I was searching on Instagram for pictures of the race and the resort when I found Christina! I sent her a message, and for the next few years, we chatted online and would tag each other in things we both liked.

We decided June of ‘17 to meet in Vancouver, BC for another race, but this time would spend a few days being tourists and explore the area. Best. Trip. Ever! We had so much fun and immediately were planning for another meetup together. That would happen a few months later in September’17, and we then decided on a vacation in Banff National Park in Alberta ☺️

Proposal Ideas Dead Man’s Flat AB, Canada

We road tripped all over, took so many photos and selfies together, and it’s then I knew I had to ask her to be my girlfriend. I put her on the spot though, cause I asked her while she was driving me to the airport “So are have these been dates or adventures Christina?” Word of advice: don’t ask serious questions while a car is in motion ?

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dead Man’s Flat AB, Canada

For the next 2 years, we had a long-distance relationship. We chatted daily, FaceTimed a lot, planned weekend trips together, a few vacations away, and every day spent has been the best moments of my life! When you love someone, distance means nothing.

How They Asked

Our 2 year anniversary was September 28 and we had chatted for a while planning a trip back to Banff National Park. I was so excited to see these lakes and views again and knew this is where I wanted to propose ? The morning of our anniversary, we woke up and cuddled for a bit in bed then Christina got up to make coffee. I suggested we exchange gifts for our special day so I got hers ready.

We’re huge Friends nerds and love the show so much, I got Christina a “Friends against humanity” cards game we could play together while staying at our hotel resort and also got her a toy “Magna doodle” board (Characters on the show has this hanging on their door” and I wrote the words “Will you BE my Forever” to show her. I completely caught her off guard, cause she didn’t realize what happened next.

As I handed her the sign, she smiled and I then got down on one knee and asked her to be my fiancé. I have never been surer of a decision in my life and to have it just be us, alone in the morning was my favorite way to have proposed.

We then spent the day taking photos at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake in Banff and enjoying each other’s company like always ❤️ She’s my forever anniversary now ?

Special Thanks

Vera Wang
 | The engagement ring ? has a blue sapphire signifying love everlasting, and its our September month stone!