Christina and Lucas

How We Met

September 4, 2010. I (Christina) had just started my third year at Brock University and it was my roommates birthday. She decided to throw a house party before going to the bar. Now one of my other roommates Jessica was dating a guy who brought his housemates to our house party. Then I saw him. A 6’3 blue eyed fit man named Lucas (everyone calls him Luke). Shortly after introducing myself to Luke, the cabs came and he was off to the bar.

Impromptly I decided to go in a cab to the bar shortly after and luckily I did because most of my other housemates couldn’t get a cab and never made it out that night. Once at the bar, it was like a magnetic field that drew Luke and me together and we have been together ever since.

how they asked

Now for my birthday at the beginning of January, I went to an indoor obstacle course called pursuit OCR. Now I am a highly competitive person and there was a part of the obstacle course I could not complete. So it was my mission to go back to this place and that is what Luke and I and four other friends had planned for Jan 20. Now at the time, we were supposed to go skating down at the waterfront before going to pursuit OCR but it was too mild that day and skating were closed. (Luke was internally panicking because this is where he was planning to propose). And so my friend Lauren suggested going to check out the Festival of Lights and the distillery district before going to pursuit (or so I thought).

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Distillery District Toronto

We got to the distillery and after some shopping around we go to the LOVE lock sign. Both my friends and their boyfriends took their picture in front of this sign and then it was Luke and my turn.

What I thought was just another typical photo turned into the love of my life getting on one knee and proposing to me.

It is safe to say I was shocked.