Christina and Lou

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How We Met

Lou and I met back in May 2012 the week before our college graduation. We were introduced through mutual friends who knew we were both pursuing an extra semester & would want a familiar friend on campus. We spoke briefly throughout the summer; when school reconvened back in the fall, he quickly asked me out. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I said yes (plus, I couldn’t resist how handsome he was). After our first date, I knew I had a keeper; someone I would spend the rest of my life with.

how they asked

Here’s how it happened!

Back in February/March, I was living in San Francisco for 2 months for work & Lou asked me to reserve a few dates throughout June to designate to “each other” so we had set plans; could start our summer right. Since we were doing long distance for we wanted fun dates to look forward to; one date was a winery, one was a food festival in Brooklyn, one was walking the high line. I was a little suspicious because he was so persistent on it, but I didn’t think too much into it; marked the dates on the calendar.

Fast forward to the first week of June, Lou & I were planning to go to a food festival in Brooklyn on that first Saturday (June 4th). He had been acting a bit funny earlier that week, he avoided me all week (unlike him)! I even texted my best friend that “something fishy was happening” that Friday night. Saturday morning when I woke up Lou sent me pictures of the food at the festival getting excited about what we were going to eat. I realized I must’ve been a crazy person to think something was happening. So… I begun getting ready for my date as I waited for him to get to my apartment.

About a half hour later, I look down on my phone & have a text from Lou (I thought he was saying he was outside/getting off the subway, pretty much anything other than this): “Hey Babe, I know you’re excited for our day in Brooklyn, but I have something much better in store for you. Please go in Lauren (my roommates) room; open her dresser. On the bottom drawer you’ll find a note telling you what your plans are for the day. Smile, relax; I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

WOAH!!!! I immediately felt a rush of emotion & my hear is pounding out of my chest. Was this really happening?! I started hysterically crying; that was the moment I knew what was about to happen that day. I called every single one of my friends, and cried for about 15 minutes before I actually went in and opened the note. Once I did, it was a page long letter explaining how much Lou loved me, and that this would be the best day of my life. He also explained that he knew I was probably overwhelmed as I read this, which was why a driver was picking me up at 1:00PM to take me around NYC. The day was a bunch of surprises, and at every stop I would receive a new “clue” explaining where I would go next. It also had a list of clothes to bring (an overnight bag, two of my favorite dresses – important); it listed a bunch of rules – not to call anyone (woops, already broke that rule) because no one except my family and two best friends knew what was happening.

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At 1:00PM, his brother Joseph pulls up to my apartment, fully dressed in a tux (adorable!); insists I sit in the back. A go-pro was attached to the door to video my reactions (mostly me crying and randomly giggling) and there is also a cooler of food & drinks in the back seat (my fiance knows me too well). His brother hands me the first clue which says I am going to the PaintBox for a manicure. I walk in to the Paintbox hysterically crying; they know who I am as they mentioned he called this morning. More tears! After my manicure, I get back in the car and Joseph hands me my second clue as he drives me to the next stop – hair & make up!!!! My best friends sister is an amazing make up artist, and manages to work through my tears to make me look beautiful. Joseph picks me up once I’m finished & hands me the last clue – a rhyme about battery park, explaining Lou will be here (I’m full fledge panicking at this point).

He pulls up & I get out of the car to find two of my best friends running out of the bushes to greet me. We all start giggling & I am crying (again). They walk me over this beautiful little bridge that I didn’t even know existed, where I see Lou standing in rose pedals shaped in a heart right on the dock overlooking the water. I start running to him & before I know it, he drops down on one knee and proposes. We are hugging & crying as he waves his hands & our families and some other friends run out of the bushes. He also hired a photographer who dressed in gym clothes (who I thought was just someone walking around the dock) to capture the entire thing!!

We finally wrap up the night at our favorite restaurant with our families & friends in Little Italy – it was truly a day out of a fairytale!

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