Christina and Larry

Image 3 of Christina and Larry

How We Met

We met like all millennials do- by swiping right on Tinder! Back in 2014, we both weren’t looking for love, just someone to have fun with. So we took to Tinder and found way more than we both bargained for. 2 months later we became exclusive, and we were together 6 years before he proposed! This was our first photo together, August 2014.

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How They Asked

Larry is all about our anniversary, which is July 12. Every year he sets something up to surprise me. Whether it’s taking me on a weekend trip without telling me where we are going, or making sure we go see the fireworks in Hartford on our anniversary weekend like we did year one, he always takes the time to plan something, so this year was no different. I had surgery on the 16th of July, so I was in quarantine due to Covid-19 on our actual anniversary. We weren’t able to spend the day together so he made me dinner and placed it outside the spare room door where I was. That was enough for me, as I love simple things like that, but Larry had way more planned.

Image 2 of Christina and Larry

The following week after surgery he told me that he had something planned for us on the 25th, so I needed to take off work. I switched with a coworker (shoutout to Joe) to ensure I had the morning off. That morning he told me to be ready by 10:30, and we got in the car without telling me anything. He even had me close my eyes (I promise I did). When we got to our destination he had me keep them closed and he held my hand and guided me to our destination.

Image 4 of Christina and Larry

When he had me open my eyes, his family and our friends were there (socially distant, of course) and he got down on one knee and asked me. Of course, I said yes!! One thing he told me, which is the epitome is why I love him so much, is that he had arranged for my dad and stepmom to come in from Ohio, but the Monday before, Ohio was out on the CT Quarantine list, so they couldn’t make it. Larry offered to postpone until they could be there (he wanted me to have familial support) but my dad told him no- to go on as planned. And he did, and it was the best day.