Christina and Kevin

How We Met

Do you think to date your best friend’s brother is weird? Well then you’ll think marrying him is even weirder. Yes, that’s correct I dated and am now engaged to my best friend’s brother. Kevin and I met through my best friend Amanda, who is Kevin’s sister. Kevin and I didn’t really know each other growing up because he is 4 years older than me. Once I entered college I noticed Kevin and thought he was so cute, and apparently he thought the same. He told his sister he found me attractive and she helped us coordinate our first date. Kevin really tried to impress me for our first date, he dressed up and took me to a very fancy dinner. After that date, I was smitten but unsure if I wanted a long term commitment, so we went on a second date. After our second date, I realized I wasn’t ready for the relationship Kev was looking for. So I ghosted him… Clearly that’s not where this story ends. About a year and a half later I realized I was ready for a serious relationship and found myself thinking about Kevin. I told Amanda I wanted to go on another date with him and asked her to work her magic. She came back to me and said he would only agree to go out with me again if I did the work and asked him out (well played Kev). So I decided I should be creative. I recruited my best friend’s including Kevin’s sister and we made “Rein-beers” and wrote 6 reasons why he should go on a second first date with me. He was so surprised and impressed with my craftiness and agreed to give me another shot. Almost 5 years later and we are engaged!!

How They Asked

On Saturday, August 10 the morning started out just like any other. Kevin and I slept in a little and once we were up, Kev offered to make coffee and bring it to me in bed (our typical weekend morning). A few minutes later Kev comes to our bedroom and says “coffee will be served in the living room today”. I thought this was a little odd and was honestly more annoyed to get out bed than I was suspicious of anything. When I came into the living room I saw two coffee cups sitting on the coffee table and then heard the music start to play. Our favorite song and our planned to be first dance song “Soul” by Gary Clark Jr. was playing. Kev asked me to dance and then started to tell me how much he loved me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In our living room!

I didn’t know what was happening until he pulled a ring box out from behind a couch pillow. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was in shock but also so happy at the same time. We both were standing there in our pajamas crying tears of joy. It was the absolute perfect moment. Later that day we recreated our proposal at a lighthouse and had my sister and her fiance take photos for us. I loved having our proposal be a special moment between just us, then we relived it later that day. I feel like the luckiest girl alive, I get to marry my best friend’s brother. Who wouldn’t want to be their best friend’s sister!

Christina's Proposal in In our living room!

Special Thanks

Charles Armstrong-Hicks
 | Photographer
Ashley Domaldo
 | Photographer