Christina and Kevin

How They Asked

From day one, Kevin has tried to make everything perfect. We all know life isn’t perfect so all those hours spent thinking and planning all of those “perfect” moments, there was always something going a little off “plan”. We spent a week in Fairbanks, Alaska with his family over the new year. Each day we had a new breathtaking adventure planned. And every night we were on the hunt to find the northern lights.

It wasn’t until our very last night in town, we were able to make it to the top of the Charlie Dome with fair weather. It was maybe 40 minutes after we reached the top of the mountain that the lights finally came out and gave us our first ever show. At that moment he knew this would be the most unique and wonderfully perfect time to pop his question he had been waiting all week to ask.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Fairbanks, Alaska

Special Thanks

Cami Pollack
 | She photographed and help ensure everything behind the scenes was set to go!