Christina and Joshua

how we met

Josh and I met through mutual friends out in D.C. one night during the Summer of 2016. He is a U.S. Marine and was stationed in Quantico, VA at the time, and I was in D.C. doing an internship on Capitol Hill, right before I started grad school. One of our mutual friends and a group invited me out with them one night, and Josh was one of the people that came with the group. We struck up a conversation at the bar, talked for a bit, and I thought he was super nice and funny but thought nothing of it. A few days later I asked my friend to bring him to my housewarming party, because I realized I hadn’t gotten his number, and I wanted to see him again, but I didn’t want him to think I was weird by asking his friend for his number myself – (which was probably even more weird LOL). But they came to my housewarming party, and mid-way through the night, I actually ended up leaving my own party for the rest of the night to go on a date with him LOL, and the rest is history. We never stopped talking after that!

how they asked

After 2 years of dating long distance, Josh planned the most BEAUTIFUL proposal. It turned out to be an entire week long, little did I know and end at the National Harbor in Fort Washington, MD, not far from where I grew up, and where we went one of our first dates. The week leading up to the proposal he started by coming into town to surprise me for what I thought was a celebration of our 2-year anniversary. Josh had this weeklong itinerary of things panned ranging from a day at the spa, getting massages and my nails done to dinner at the place where he took me to dinner when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Then, on the last night, he took me out again and proposed in the spot where we took one of our first pictures together, right in front of the Capitol Wheel. He then rented out one of my favorite restaurants and had a surprise dinner planned that he invited all of our best friends and close family to, to help us celebrate. He even had a videographer hiding in the bushes to capture my priceless reaction, and the moment I realized everything what was happening. It was truly the best day ever!

Special Thanks

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