Christina and Josh


How We Met

The first time me and Josh met was St Patty’s Day weekend back in 2014. I can still picture exactly what he was wearing and where I first got a glimpse of that handsome face. Me and my girlfriend showed up to the bar to meet his older brother, who we had been friends with since high school.


Later in the night I boldly put my phone number into his phone and we danced all night long. Little did I know that this weekend would be the start of the rest of my life.


how they asked

It had been a busy week. Josh was still going through EMT school and I was working a lot. We had made plans earlier in the week to go get pedicures together and spend the day hanging out. When Sunday finally rolled around, I was awoken with breakfast in bed. I remember thinking it was weird that Josh hadn’t made himself food, but when I asked him about it he said he had already eaten. We discussed where we should go to get pedicures while I got ready. I was going back and forth saying I kind of wanted a manicure instead and he said I should just get both. At the time, me and my sister shared an apartment and she was strangely super interested in helping me pick out an outfit.

Proposal Ideas Sumas Mountain

We finally get going and show up to our nail appointment. At the last minute, Josh said we should both just get manicures. I thought this was weird considering he had said he wanted a pedicure. Throughout the entire manicure he just kept looking at me, asking if I liked it, and if I was ok. I happily nodded yes as all the females in the salon jokingly asked him what color he was going to paint his nails.

After our manicures, we walked around the town we were in and stopped to get happy hour at a Mexican restaurant. I again noticed how he wasn’t eating and he said he wasn’t very hungry. He then suggested we go to a park by the water and hang out for a bit. At the park, I was getting annoyed because he was texting a lot and wouldn’t tell me who it was. He then told me he had made reservations for us for dinner and had to call the restaurant to confirm them. This was suspicious because Josh has never made reservations for us, especially without including me on the decision on where to eat. He walked away from me and was on the phone for a couple minutes and then came back. He told me we had some time to kill before our reservations and asked me what I wanted to do. At this point, I had no idea what was going on. He had been acting kind of weird all day and had constantly been on his phone.

When it was time to go, we got in the car and started driving. I asked him where we were going and all he would say is that we have been there before and I loved it. I kept trying to guess the restaurant the more we drove around and he just kept saying no. As we make our way out to the county (which by the way has zero restaurants) I became nervous. I asked, “What restaurants are out here?” He just kept assuring me I loved this place. I was so confused because by this time we were driving on roads lined with houses. I then realize we are driving in circles while he is frantically texting. By now I have some clue that I am most likely about to get proposed to.

Although I am extremely happy, I also start freaking out. We park and some random house with a huge field and I think “Ok maybe he has dinner set up somewhere” just as a helicopter flies overhead. I stupidly say and point “Look they must be searching for someone” (because we are right by the Canadian border and this isn’t all that uncommon) and he just laughs at me and tugs my hand to hurry up. To my astonishment the helicopter lands and a lady with a camera gets out and starts taking our picture. We get in the helicopter and I start freaking out and try not to cry.


The sun is shining beautifully and we have a perfect view of Mt. Baker. As I look out at the beautiful view I’m also wondering where we are going. The helicopter lands and as we get out I realize where we are. The top of Sumas mountain. The place where we came on countless dates, camping trips, and shared tons of memories together. This was our spot.



He leads me over to the edge and asks me if I know what is happening. All I can do is nod my head yes. He says some words and then asks me to marry him with the most gorgeous ring. We take some pictures and get back in the helicopter.



After we land, I tell him I want to go to my parents house and tell them the good news. Instead, he says he should wait for a bit because we are actually going to dinner. We go home and get ready and leave for the restaurant. As we walk into the restaurant, there is a table of our family members happily sipping champagne and ready to celebrate with us.

I never gave much thought to how I wanted to get proposed to. I should’ve known that the man of my dreams would give me everything I didn’t know I wanted.





We ended up eloping a year later, a couple days short of our two year anniversary, in the same exact spot he asked me to be his wife.