Christina and Joey

Image 1 of Christina and Joey

How We Met

Joey and I met in 2008 at Arizona State University – he was in the dorm above me Freshman year! We first actually spoke at a highlighter party where I “allegedly” gave him a fake number…needless to say, he found my real one. ;)

How They Asked

Leading up to the big moment, I had been so stressed with work and the other weddings I was in and apart of – plus the stresses of COVID and uncertainty was really weighing on me. Joey kept suggesting a weekend staycation in San Diego and I kept pushing it off given the stress. Finally, on a Thursday (and while I was working!), he told me to pack my bags. He surprised me and took me to the Hotel del Coronado where he had booked an incredible oceanside room. That night, we ate pizza and had wine (well, Joey had whiskey) in bed and it was perfect. The next day, we enjoyed a morning walk on the beach with our pup Henley then relaxed poolside while sipping Pina coladas. We decided to go to a little boat house around the corner for a cocktail before dinner. During our walk back, Joey suggested we stop by our room to enjoy the beautiful sunset first. As we walked up the stairs to our room, he took two deep breaths, opened the door, and the entire room was full of roses and balloons that said “Will You Marry Me.” He led me to the balcony said some sweet words, got on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was so caught in the moment, I didn’t completely register that a couple of friends and family were there on the balcony with us – PLUS, family and friends from far away were on Zoom watching the whole thing! We popped champagne and I screamed off the balcony to everyone at the restaurant below us, “We’re engaged!!” He gave me my ring and explained that the diamonds on my band were from his late Nana’s engagement ring. It’s beautiful. We ended the night with champagne, Dominos (lol), and, well, ya know…It was PERFECT.