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how they asked

It was a beautiful day on June 7, 2013. We were all getting ready to go to Riverbend, which is a festival they do every year in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I remember these 3 guys walked in with pizza (who were Blake, Zach, and Jimmy). I was not interested into any pizza, all I wanted to do was to get to Riverbend because Jake Owen was playing that night, and my best friend Chelsie had 4 tickets in the VIP section. I knew we had at least a 10 minute walk, so I suggested we get the guys to take a picture of us, and then we all needed to leave. Well Blake and Zach went with us in the VIP section, and the rest of our friends and Jimmy didn’t have VIP tickets. Jake Owen comes on stage and maybe two songs go by and here comes Jimmy. I was thinking well maybe he had VIP tickets and we just didn’t know about it. That wasn’t the case though. Come to find out he said he knew the guy at the VIP gate and he just let him in. (PS: HE KNOWS EVERYONE). We started dancing to the music and as time went by I thought wow I could really become best friends with this guy.

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He was so much fun, and so outgoing. After Riverbend, we walked back to my best friend, Chelsie’s apartment, (and his friend Zach lived above Chelsie at the time). So Jimmy falls asleep on Zach’s couch. So we all left him, and everyone else went back out. Well a week goes by, and I get a Facebook message from Jimmy asking for my number, and he said he would “holler at me” whenever he comes back downtown again. After that he went out of town to Alaska for two weeks. So I figured it probably wouldn’t go anywhere. He got back from Alaska and started asking me to dinner. I remember the first time he called me, Chelsie was sitting there, and I asked her if I should answer, or if I should just play hard to get. Of course her response was answer it, but play hard to get. SO I did, but every time he asked to do something, I already had plans. I knew as time went by I didn’t need to keep blowing him off because he seemed like such a perfect guy. So on July 9th, 2013 I called him, and asked him if he wanted to go to dinner with me. I think he was shocked, but he said he could go. So that night was our first date, and I knew then I would know this guy for a long time. After that first date, we started dating. And then here we are almost three and half years later… On a warm December 22nd Day. Earlier that day I had a doctors appointment, and other appointments that day, so that morning I just threw something on.

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I knew we were suppose to go to St. Johns that night for dinner. So my plan was to come home, and change clothes before going to dinner. Well when I got back to Jimmy’s house he said he was going to lay down for a little while. We weren’t suppose to go to dinner until 7:15. Two hours go by and its 6 o’clock and Jimmy is still asleep. I knew we would have to leave by 6:45 to go to dinner, so I thought maybe he doesn’t feel like going anymore. He wakes up twenty minutes before we have to leave, and says I do not feel good maybe we should go another night. I said that is fine with me because I didn’t know how I was going to be ready in twenty minutes. Then he jumps up and starts getting ready, and decides he wants to go. So anyone that knows me, knows I like to have a plan, and to have an idea on what to wear. I started to ask him what should I wear to dinner? And he replies just wear what you wore to the doctor earlier. So I listened and just threw on my clothes and grabbed my makeup bag and decided I would just do my makeup on the way to the restaurant. So we got there and had a great delicious dinner.

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I was stuffed. Our original plan was to look at Christmas lights tomorrow night (which would be Friday night). Well Jimmy decided why don’t we just do it tonight, and I was really full but agreed to it. So we get driving and we park down by the river. And there was a beautiful Christmas Tree lite up where we met, but a little away from the river. So we start walking to the river (where we met, and walking away from the Christmas Tree). I am thinking well maybe he wants to look at the river first, and then we will hopefully walk back towards the lights. He suggest well why don’t we walk out on this pier. I was a little nervous because I had heals on and you could see the water below you as you are walking on the pier. I thought okay we probably will not be out here long so that will be good. So we walk all the way down on the pier right beside where we met, and I was rambling and he was beside me, then all of a sudden he wasn’t beside me. Next thing I know he is saying my full name and I thought oh my he has fallen on this pier. Then as I am processing this I turn around. Jimmy is down on one knee and the man of my dreams asked me to marry him where we met at Riverbend. So on December 22, 2016 I said YES to FOREVER!!

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