Christina and Jason

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How We Met

Jason and I knew each other for years now, but we were never really interested in each other. My cousins grew up with Jason in Chicago and sometimes come to visit us in California. I was young, five years younger than he, so we never thought anything of it. Then there was a time when my cousins were all getting married and stopped visiting us, Jason would not come anymore. It had been four years since I seen Jason last and I was heading over to my cousin’s wedding in Chicago, Jason’s friend. There was a get together the Friday before my cousin’s wedding at a friend’s house in Chicago. My sister and I went together. Jason walked in, all handsome and cute, giving everyone hugs. May I say he came a few hours after the party had started and I was not expecting him to be there at all. We clicked that night at Dennis’ piano as he saved me from a boring conversation at the table. Thank you baby <3

how they asked

It was a Sunday morning in South Lake Tahoe, I did not know anything unusual would happen. We were at a cabin with friends, friends from Sacramento and friends from Chicago. It was our second day of snowboarding, but some of us were actually planning to hang around town. We all were busy cleaning and Jay was not acting different or nervous or anything. He said he went to the store and bought water with Eugene (this is when they checked out the place where he would propose.) So we finished cleaning and the group went outside to take a group picture. Then everyone went to their cars and what I thought, began driving to Heavenly to snowboard.

As we were driving, Jay points out, “hey this looks familiar.” I noticed this was the same place we were at in August when we came on a date together. In August we had a picnic on this pink blanket as he played guitar and made silly songs for me. This time it was freezing cold outside, but the snow laying around was so beautiful. We arrived to the beach, they said “Eugene wants to check out the view one last time before they leave.” I did not think anything of it, so I did not mind.

Jay and I were walking around the beach, our friends behind us, admiring the view around us. Then we both went to a friend we call Lebich because he was playing with a huge snowball. Then we went together and began seeing if we could make another crack in the snow because the snow was frozen on top of the water. Anyways, we began walking back and our group of friends were all staring at us from a distance. I did not think anything of it, it just seemed as if they were waiting for us. (I also did not notice that Eugene and Oleg were gone this whole time.) As we were walking back and I was enjoying the view, I look down at Jay’s hands and saw he had his gloves off. I asked him, “why did you take off your gloves?” He tells me, “you will see in a second.” At that moment I knew it was coming, ready or not.

I slowly looked up and saw the pink blanket from our August trip with red rose pedals on it. I froze and saw Jay slowly going on his knee, (btw he was wearing the same outfit that he wore back in August and was looking extra cute that day.) I wanted to run away because I did not think this was happening to me. All my life looking forward to the day my man would propose. All the videos of “how they asked” on Youtube and people telling stories of how everything happened. I did not realize this was happening to me, Christina Derkach. He took a piece of paper out of his pocket and began reading all the things he loves about me. The way I smile, the moments I get embarrassed, and how loud I am, etc. Then he goes, “I need something else.” And Eugene threw the ring box to him, he totally missed it, which was funny. He picked it up, smiling from ear to ear while I was standing there wanting to bawl my eyes out but holding it all in, and asked “Will You Marry Me?”

Of course I said Yes! Then we hugged and I told him, “Yes, a million times yes!”

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