Christina and Jarrod

How We Met

In college, we had a mutual friend’s birthday shin-dig that we were both attending – I was dating someone else at the time, but Jarrod definitely caught my eye. When I walked into the mutual friend’s house, a group of guys were in the kitchen trying to mix together some “party punch” but they could not figure out the right formula and began writing fractions on a piece of paper. I was student teaching at the time and I bluntly said “My first graders could do a better job at this than you” and that caught Jarrod’s attention. He says he didn’t like me at first because I was so rude to them, but in the end it was my sass that got his attention too. Later on in the night, a few Texas country songs began to play and he taught me how to two-step in our friend’s living room. We danced all night, and I was smitten by his southern charm yet frat-boy swag he had. I broke it off with the guy I was dating the next day, he texted his mom saying “I met a girl”, and it was all history. 4.5 years later…we are planning a wedding!

how they asked

Jarrod and I had been talking getting married for a long time, but began actually looking at rings 6 months ago. 6 months ago!?! Do you know how long that is in girl time? A long time of anxiously waiting on pins and needles for him to ask! However, I knew he was just waiting for the right moment, and it was perfect. So this is how it went down: We both grew up in small town’s in East Texas and had recently moved to Houston for job promotions, but he had planned a trip for us to go back home to his parents house for the weekend. It was his dad’s birthday so he told me we were going to his grandmother’s to eat lunch. He was being weird about what I was gonna wear…asking if I wanted to wear the new floral dress I had just bought. It was making me suspicious, but I pushed it out of my mind so I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t happen. Me being me, I persisted and didn’t wear the new dress.

So we get to his grandmothers house for lunch, and his grandfather’s old farm truck bed was filled with brush and sticks. His grandmother asks “Hey Jarrod, would you mind going to dump that at the bottom of the land before we eat lunch?” and Jarrod of course agreed. The land is grandfather’s that passed away a few years ago, and he left it to Jarrod, so it’s really special to him. Then Jarrod goes “Hey Sweetpea, you wanna go with me?” He knows I love riding in that old farm truck – his parents used it to go on dates in it when they were in high school, and it makes me feel nostalgic. So I hopped on in and I didn’t think anything of it. I am use to Jarrod helping his grandmother out with things like this, and felt pretty confident he wasn’t going to propose while raking brush out of a truck. Plus, everyone was acting so normal!

So we get down there and I stay in the truck while he’s getting all the brush out. When he’s about half way done, he comes around to my side and opens the door and says “Hey babe, get out real quick, I wanna show you something.” He grabs my hand and begins walking me over to a big oak tree in the middle of the field and the next thing I know three different trucks pulled up with his parents, my parents, all of our grandparents, and several of our close friends. I remember that I just kept saying “What are y’all doing here?”…”Is this really happening?”…”Are you kidding me?”…”Am I dreaming??”. He then got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and I said yes, yes, yes!

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