Christina and James

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How We Met

James and I met through mutual friends. About three or four years ago, I would attend our mutual friends’ soccer games with girlfriends of mine. I had been in an on-again, off-again, relationship for five years, and chose to swear off of anything longterm. One of my girlfriends, who frequented the games with me, told me she thought the goalie was cute, thus, she made it a point of talking to him and getting to know him throughout the next several months. Little did I know, he was in fact interested in me. We hung out regularly as a group and began talking a bit more, but I never got the impression he was into me more than a friend, until he told me. Shortly after, he was required to get knee surgery and we stopped talking as often as we had been.

In March of 2014, several months later, I was planning on going to Disney World for vacation with four of my girlfriends. At the time, I was working part-time for the company as I finished up my Masters, so it was the most affordable vacation. I posted a status on Facebook about the upcoming vacation, and James commented on the status saying he had just been there with friends himself (he grew up visiting Disney once or twice a year with his family as a kid, and with the luxury of a Disney timeshare, needless to say, he visited the parks way more often than any of us). I replied to the comment, suggesting (politely, and more so, jokingly) that he come back and join us for our trip.

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Well, he did and three weeks following the vacation, we were officially dating. Something about that Disney magic…

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how they asked

While James and I were dating, we would typically vacation to Disney World every summer. However, all year long he had been telling me it wasn’t going to happen this summer (2016), due to work conflicts. Obviously, I was disappointed. I had just finished my first year of full-time teaching and I was looking forward to our annual get away. Well…about a week or so before school ended he surprised me by telling me that he had in fact planned a trip for us and that we were going to leave in just about ten days. He told me we were staying at the Polynesian (the resort he grew up staying at every year, and my all time favorite resort)! I was ecstatic.

The first day we arrived he told me he had another surprise. In addition to staying at the Polynesian, we would be staying at their new bungalows for one night. I almost lost my mind. Even the cast member checking us in was shocked. The bungalows cost around $3,000 a night and I couldn’t imagine how much this vacation was going to end up being. I must have asked him over ten times if he was kidding or not. He wasn’t. We moved all of our luggage the following night into the bungalows and enjoyed our own dip pool in the back, and the AMAZING views of the lagoon and park, all to ourselves, until the weather took a turn for the worse.

It began to down pour, with excessive lightening and thunder. We had planned to stay at the bungalow for the night and watch the fireworks performance from our back deck (with the music that came through the speakers). However, when ten o’clock came, the fireworks had not started. We were so bummed, thinking that maybe due to weather, they were cancelled. But after about five-ten minutes, they started. We watched, so peacefully as “Wishes” performed. When the fireworks ended, I gestured to go inside since it was beginning to get muggy and I was uncomfortable. He grabbed my arm and told me to wait. He said he had another surprise.

I couldn’t imagine what else he had planned. He hugged me and said he was going to tell me his proposal plan. I started crying (he always said the only time he would tell me that was when he was about to propose). So, naturally, I asked him if he was about to propose, to which he nodded, yes. He told me that ever since he was young he always imagined proposing to his future wife at the Polynesian, and once the bungalows were made he felt like they were made just for us to complete our story, and then he got on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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I said, yes, of course, but I could barely see the ring (we had shut all the lights for the best viewing of the fireworks). We went inside to put the ring on my finger.

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The surprise didn’t end there, though. A few days later, after all morning at the parks we came back to the resort, just in time to see both our families and five of my closest friends waiting for us.

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We spent the next few days all together, enjoying the trip. Although, I frequently visited Disney World as a child too, and ended up working for the company for nearly five years, I never would have imagined the magic of Disney playing such a significant role in the next chapter of my life.