Christina and Jacob

Where to Propose in San Antonio, TX

How We Met

I was in the concession stand line at my alumni’s football game when I turned to see the cutest guy in line next to me. He then said hi to my friend and when I asked “WHO IS THAT?!” Her response? “Oh that’s Jacob Nickel, he was a jerk in high school.” I was up for the challenge. After ordering drinks, Jacob stopped me and asked for my name and and… yeah that was it. He didn’t ask for my number!!

How They Asked

Five months after we met, Jacob proposed! We went to church and then he had planned a little surprise afterwards. We stopped at a gazebo where we first said I love you. Jacob brought blankets and a bottle of wine to enjoy (normal). Then Jacob put on our song I Get To Love You by Ruelle and asked me to start dancing (this was the norm as well). But then he started talking and crying and I picked up on what was going on. Jacob dropped down on one knee and I immediately started bawling my eyes out. Easiest YES ever!

Special Thanks

Wayfarer Photography
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