Christina and Evan

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How We Met

Evan and I worked at the same company and after two years, he got a promotion and I took over his old position. When trying to figure out my role, I reached out to him and through that, we became good friends. Things changed for me when we started hanging out and I saw what a wonderful father he was to his then 2 year old son, Bennett. Before him, I wasn’t sure about marriage and children, but he completely changed by world by being one of the most generous and loving people I have ever been around.

how they asked

The first year we started dating, I was so excited to go all out for his birthday. Come to find out, he hates birthdays and surprises so it ended up being a complete fiasco. He doesn’t like attention at all and I grew up in a family where birthdays were a big deal. So I was very disappointed to find that Evan did not share those traditions. This however, never deterred him from making every single birthday we shared together a big deal for me and making me feel completely special. Fast forward two years and Evan tells me three months before his birthday that I had complete freedom when planning his birthday and could confidently plan an event for him which included all our close friends. Remembering the first birthday we shared, I didn’t think much of this because I knew he still wasn’t a big fan of surprises. But my two best friends kept hinting at me to plan something for him and convinced me to create something special. Over the next three months I coordinated everything from the perfect restaurant to the surprise party at our home afterwards and by the time the day arrived, I couldn’t wait to set my plan into action. This entire year, whenever the topic of engagement or marriage was brought up, Evan rationalized with me that we would wait a year to get our affairs in order, before beginning that journey together, so it was the furthest thing from my mind.

The day of, I’m a nervous wreck, worried about everything going smoothly. I thought Evan was acting a little off, but attributed it to him knowing about the surprise and trying not to show it. When we get to the restaurant, the hostess says “I know y’all have somewhere to be so we will get you through dinner quickly.” I immediately start freaking out, because this woman just ruined the surprise party that I had been working on for three months. I assure Evan that we are just going to a movie afterwards and we enjoy a lovely meal together. As I am drinking my coffee, Evan suggests that we go for a walk around the grounds. At first I turn him down, because I want to get to the house in a timely manner for the surprise, but he convinces me. We walk around the beautiful winery that the restaurant is located on and he guides me to a staircase leading up to a balcony. There is a private party sign at the top of the staircase and I try to explain to Evan that we can’t go up there, to which he replies, “I love you, just follow me.” When we walk through the door, I see rose petals scattered all over the ground and a bottle of champagne chilling on a table, so naturally I start shaking uncontrollably. Throughout our entire relationship, Evan would always leave me little love notes on napkins and pieces of paper. Standing in front of me now, he hands me an envelope that contains a napkin that says “Will you marry me?” He gets down on one knee and says beautiful words that I can’t hear because of the pounding of my heart in my ears. He pulls out a ring and I kneel down to hug him back and enthusiastically say “yes!”
As we sit down to enjoy a glass of champage and the most amazing moment of my life, I realize that I have all of our closest friends waiting at our house for his surprise birthday party. He sees the panic on my face and leans over to say “Everyone is at our house to celebrate us.”Come to find out that every single detail I planned for his birthday came from his suggestion, that he told my friends to tell me. When I went to the restaurant prior to our dinner to deliver the wine and make sure everything was organized, he was there too, going over the details of his proposal plans. Even the party I organized afterwards, that I thought was a surprise birthday party, was really a surprise engagement party. Evan was one step ahead of me the entire time, giving me the most beautiful, thoughtful night of my entire life.

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We have been engaged for 13 months and this has been the best time of my life. I am marrying my partner in crime, best friend, and favorite person in 96 days!! I have a feeling 2017 will be the best year yet.