Christina and Evan

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How We Met

We met when we were ten. He played pop Warner football with my younger brother and cousin. We reconnected in 2016 and started dating in 2017.

How They Asked

We had a 90s themed birthday party for him at my parents house. We dressed up as Forrest Gump and Jenny. About an hour into the party he asked me to come stand with him as he thanked everyone for coming to the party and thanked my parents for hosting. He then said that this was the first time both sides of our families were together so he thought this would be the perfect time to make this official. He got down on one knee and said some more words I didn’t even hear because everyone was yelling in shock. I then heard him say “You know I’ve always wanted a house and a dog, but you’re my home now.” Then he asked, “Will you marry me?” No one there knew, except my dad.

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