Christina and Dennis

Christina's Proposal in Yucaipa city hall

How We Met

I met Dennis during a busy shift at work. I am an ER nurse and he had just gotten trnaferred to the local sheriffs station. He was lost and had never been to the hospital I work at before. He brought me a patient, and I took report and instantly got butterflies. He had the most beautiful eyes. He brought me another patient the next day. We talked for too long. One of my coworkers asked him “are you ever going to ask for her number?” And we both blushed. I gave it to him.

how they asked

last week he told me to bring a dress to change into after work and told me we had to go to my moms house then we were going to dinner. On the way to my moms a police officer pulled us over for speeding, he asked Dennis to get out of the car and handcuffed him. He then pulled me out of the car, and took me to Dennis where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! My favorite photographer, my mom, and my best friend got out of the car!

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Christina and Dennis's Engagement in Yucaipa city hall

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Special Thanks

Jessica lawson
 | Photographer