Christina and David

How We Met

David and I met through a mutual friend while at school at James Madison University. We were fast friends and quickly fell for each other. He and his friends would come over to our apartment for the weekly “Cupcake Tuesday” tradition. My roommates and I would bake cupcakes with all of our friends and catch up every Tuesday. It was the perfect weekly pick-me-up and a great excuse to invite my cute crush over. It wasn’t until we were dating later on that I found out that David is not actually a fan of sweets or frosting at all! He has admitted to eating countless cupcakes just to spend more time with me. Who would have thought Funfetti cupcakes and cream cheese frosting would help me land my dream guy?!

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how they asked

I had known for quite some time that David was my future husband. After spending four amazing years together, I couldn’t imagine life without him and was ready to be his wife. That being said, I am not very good at surprises and a dream proposal was nothing I expected. David loves surprises though and wanted this moment to be something we’d never forget. Despite my best efforts to spoil the fun, on Sunday, February 12 I got the surprise of a lifetime. David had gone out that morning to run an errand and I was *very impatiently* waiting for him to get home so we could head to brunch. We had been texting all morning and finally I said, “WHERE ARE YOU?!” Just then, there was a knock on our door. When I opened the door, my sister was standing in the doorway holding a bag from Cracker Barrel (Their french toast is my FAVORITE!). From that point on, I knew the day wasn’t going to go as I had planned. I couldn’t even eat the yummy breakfast because I wanted to know what was going on. After a few bites, my sister gave up and handed me a piece of paper tied in a glittery ribbon. I was going on a scavenger hunt and my sister got to be with me the whole time! The first clue led me to my favorite dessert spot, Sweet Frog! When we pulled up, I was so confused because they were clearly closed. My sister, Susan, urged me to walk up to the door and just as I did someone unlocked it and let us in. As the man greeted us, he handed me a cup of my favorite froyo and toppings and gave me another clue. The next clue led us out to Lewis Ginter Botantical Gardens where David and I like to go at Christmas time to look at the light displays. When we got to the front desk, we were handed a flower and map. Right on the bridge that overlooks the pond at the garden was my next clue. I thought for sure that this must be the final clue, but boy was I was wrong! It occurred to me at this point just how much thought and planning David had put into this day. The following clues sent me out to some of our favorite spots: The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts where we had shared a Valentine’s Day date, TT Lounge for bubble tea, and lastly my favorite store, Kate Spade. He even had Godiva white chocolate strawberries waiting for me at Kate Spade! I tell you, this boy loaded the scavenger hunt with ALL of my favorite places and treats.

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The final clue was a clue leading me home to our apartment. For months before the proposal, I had told David that he didn’t need to do anything fancy or over the top. At one point I even said, “Just do it here in the living room!” Little did I know that David would do just that. As I walked up to the door to our apartment, I realized that this was definitely the final stop. Confetti covered the walkway to our apartment and before I could even get the door unlocked I had burst into tears. When I opened the door, I saw David standing in our living room. He had decked it out with the works: champagne, balloons, flowers, candles, and confetti. He had even given our sweet kitten a giant diamond ring around her collar for the occasion! Our apartment had never looked better! It was then that he asked me the easiest question in the world. I was crying so hard I couldn’t even see the gorgeous ring. I will never forget this day. So much time, thought, and care went into planning our proposal and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more special. Finding him and making a lifetime commitment to each other was the best way to end the scavenger hunt.

I could NOT be more excited to marry this man!

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