Christina and Daniel

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How We Met

We were both at a young adult Christian camp. All of the girls were in our cabins talking about girl stuff. We finished up with the talk and headed out to the beach volleyball court. There was a game going on already and I see this guy, shirtless, muscular and HOT. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him! Another guy approached me and asked if I wanted to join his team to play volleyball. I said, “no, not right now”. Shortly after that, the hot guy finished his game and joined another new game with the guy who previously asked me! So of course, I jumped in and I said I changed my mind. We were introducing ourselves to everyone and when it came down to meeting the hot guy… I said, “Hi, I’m Christina.” And he replied, “I’m Dan, Dan the man.” Naturally, I rolled my eyes and said, “Oh goodness” and he laughed. Right off the bat, I noticed that he could maybe be too cocky? Or just being goofy. Either way, I was intrigued.

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how they asked

My birthday is in February. To start off my birthday week, he surprised me a plane ticket to go to Florida to go with my sister. I was staying for 2 and half weeks and he paid for the entire trip! I was missing him terribly so we would FaceTime and talk on the phone a lot. On Sunday night, he asked me to put my alarm on for the next morning so that we can chat while he is on the way to work. So I did, we chatted all morning and he told me to get out of my pajamas so that we can FaceTime. I told him no because I’m going back to sleep because I didn’t sleep that well. He was being very persistent and I was getting really annoyed because we have FaceTimed before while we were both in Pjs. I called him to let him know that I’m ready to FaceTime.

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I’m waiting for him to call me, and next thing I know, I hear a knock on the bedroom door. I thought it was my sister so I said to come in. And there he was! With a rose in hand and the first thing I said is “are you serious?!”. Naturally, I cried and jumped into his arms. He told me to pack my bag because we are going to breakfast, parasailing, and dinner later on.

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We went to breakfast and parasailing and we had a blast. We started getting ready for dinner. I asked him what’s this restaurant called and he wouldn’t tell me. So I asked him where it was. Naples. I knew where it was, but I had no idea how to get there. We are driving to Naples and I saw a sign that said: “Lovers Key Island next right”. And I said, “Oh, that’s where I was and was telling you about” and he said, “Oh cool!”.

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Then he takes a right. I was puzzled because I knew that Naples wasn’t this way but then again, I don’t know the area. Next thing you know, we pulled up into the Lovers Key State Park and I was like, “uh what are we doing here?” And he said, “you didn’t know there was a restaurant here?” I said nope! We got out of the car and we started walking towards the beach and on the boardwalk, there were roses on the side.

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I remember thinking in my head, “they could be for me but there was a wedding here before”. We finally get to the sand and I see a beautiful heart shape out of palm leaves and roses. I couldn’t talk myself out of this one and I immediately started crying. He gave his little speech and got down on one knee and proposed! Of course, I said yes!!

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Special Thanks

Connor Carlson
 | Photographer
Delia Simirica
 | Planning