Christina and Dan

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How We Met

Dan and I met at work. Life is funny. One day you think you’re just taking your first job out of college, you’re going to focus and start your career and then the next minute you find the love of your life and your whole life is changed. You plan and God laughs.

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how they asked

Dan spent months preparing a scavenger hunt to guide me to our favorite spots throughout the city to collect the letters of the word FOREVER. Dan coordinated the first letter with my boss. My boss came over to my desk and handed me the first letter to my fairytale…

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FOREVER – The first letter would provide me with instructions for the day. I was told to collect the letters of the word forever and he would be waiting for me at R. Each letter would hold a clue that would guide me to the location of the next letter.

F – Lead me to Vintry, where we had our first date. My best friend was waiting there with a white dress, glass of champagne and the letter O.

O – Lead me to the Four Seasons where I would get myself a fresh manicure (he even put a $20 in there for the tip). I received my R.

R – Lead me to Washington Square Park where we have danced listening to the local park band many times before. I was serenaded by the band and then they handed me my E.

E – Lead me to our favorite Russian restaurant, Mari Vana. He even had our favorite Horseradish shot waiting for me! After the shot, I was given my V.

V – Lead me to oysters. Dan and I love oysters so he sent me to Aquagrill to indulge. He had champagne and a plate of oysters waiting for me. I anxiously waited to receive my final letter, R.

R – Lead me to Dan. This was the best letter of all. Dan was waiting for me at the Oculus, my favorite building in the city, where he proposed to me on the platform.

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The PATH took us home to our place in Verona, NJ where both of our families were waiting!!!! It was truly a magical day.

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