Christina and Curtis

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How We Met

Curtis and I met in biology class in high school and ran in the same circle of friends during our senior years. We were both dating other people at the time and all friends. We tried to remain, friends, when we first started University but we were both busy with our new lives.

Christina and Curtis's Engagement in Sauble Beach

Almost 10 years later, Curtis started working at the same company that I had been working at since University. We started to re-connect and it became apparent that there was something more there than just friendship. I remember having almost a scared type of feeling very early on – deep down I felt that if we started dating, that would be it. I knew it would be a done deal, which was both exciting, nerve-wracking and terrifying!

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How They Asked

When we first started dating, we went to my cottage after Thanksgiving weekend and had a cozy, romantic little getaway. The cottage is a place that always brings back those memories from the beginning of our relationship and is very special to us. One particularly special moment was watching the sunset on a big log stretched across the rocks by the lake. Fast forward 3 years, and we headed to the cottage for an extended weekend this past summer. Our cottage is on an island with several other cottages on it – made up of mostly family. When we arrived, we were shocked to discover that no one else was there.. In my 29 years I don’t think I’ve ever been at the cottage and not seen anyone else around (and no – Curtis didn’t even plan it that way!).

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On Saturday morning after a night of heavy rain at the cottage, we woke up to have coffee on the dock and watch the sunrise. There was so much rain that the boats were full of water. It was so incredibly hazy that morning. The sky slowly started getting brighter but there was no spectacular sunrise. Getting restless, I jumped up to bail out all the boats. Curtis kept saying I could do it later but I was determined and had started working up quite the sweat! Little did I know that he had the ring hidden in one of his shoes that he had ever so carefully placed on one of the boats. We carried on to have a great day, enjoying some sunshine and a few drinks – thankfully not too many!

After dinner that night, we planned to go catch the sunset (can you tell we love sunrises and sunsets?!). It was still hazy but the orange sun could clearly be seen against the purple sky. It was a magical type of haze that left me in awe. We found the big log that we sat on when we had gone to the cottage together the first time and sat there to take it all in. Curtis then said to me that he wanted all our sunsets to be together and before I could even process what was happening, he was getting down on one knee.

The next few minutes were a blur. All I can remember is that Curtis said a lot of very sweet things, there were tears and I was completely shocked!! We were over the moon and I, of course, said “YES!!!”. We then went on to celebrate with some champagne and made phone calls to friends and family to share all the amazing news!