Christina and Clint

How We Met

I met Clint a little over 4 years ago & we have been inseparable since. My childhood friend had recently moved back to our hometown and she was dating Clint’s roommate at the time. We met at a party of our mutual friends and we instantly hit it off. I was headed back up to school to finish my last year of college and everything was telling me that the timing was just off because of it. My mom convinced me to still at least just go on one date and so I agreed. It was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life!

how they asked

It was our first time together ever in Italy! We were staying in Sorrento but decided to travel to Capri for the day. After a gorgeous day on the boat exploring the beautiful Island, we headed up to the chairlift that takes you 600 feet above the island to Anacapri. I was in awe the entire ride up, the views were miraculous.

When we made it to the top there was a beautiful terrace that overlooked all of Capri. Clint went to get us drinks and when he came back he told it was just going to be a minute for them to bring out the drinks & led me down a little stairway when he stopped midway down the steps and got down on one knee. There was champagne & strawberries waiting for us when we got back up to the top. It was truly a dream.